It's always the same…

You feel like it's "tough out there".

You feel like men aren't ready to commit, that they are "emotionally unavailable".

You're tired of going on dates that lead you "nowhere".

Everybody is in relationships and you wonder sometimes "what's wrong with me?".


After going on a date after a date, adding up to that number that's shows "error" on a calculator, and FINALLY finding love, I found out what truly works when it comes to dating and building a strong relationship.

Welcome to the "6 Dating Mistakes Amazing E-book"!

After you'll go through my unique e-book...

✔️ You'll stop making the same mistakes while going on dates.

✔️ You'll uncover the best ways to make someone fall in love with you!

✔️ You'll maximize your chance to build a strong romantic relationship.

✔️ You'll take the pressure off dating.

✔️ You'll finally have fun while going on dates.

As seen in...

What-what-what-what what do my students say?

Clear & straightforward!

Julia, USA

“Excellent e-book. You get so much value in those 16 pages, impressive! ” 

So simple

Janine, France

“I like the fact that there’s no fluff information, every mistake is simply explained and you get one practical tip on how to avoid making it again.
I really recommend it!” 

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Laura, Spain

“Every mistake is totally accurate. I realized I was making each one of them so then, I implemented what I learned to avoid making them and I already feel much better on dates, I'm sure it's going to work out. I told Tamara that she should charge more...! Get it before she raises that price."

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The FREE PDF of the famous & proven 36 questions to FALL IN LOVE!

Who am I?

I’m Tamara Pflug, certified life coach and personal development champion.

Before meeting the love of my life, I found myself on a spree of countless dates that only lead me to disappointment...

Having so much pressure from everyone around me made me forget having fun on the way!

I also felt that any date that doesn't lead to a relationship is useless. 

These experiences made me realize what I was missing when it comes to having the right mindset while going on dates.

This e-book is the piece of advice I wish I would have received a long time ago.

I am not that extraordinary at all!

I'm just an ordinary millennial girl.

If I was able to go on dates and find the love of my life,


Sometimes, the best way to know what to do, is to know what NOT to do!

Get your E-book today and stop repeating the same mistakes over and over.

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